Kimberly Daniels, LuLaRoe

“Blogging Boot Camp was far more than I anticipated, in a great way. As a person who is mildly, ok greatly, technologically challenged, I found the course easy to follow. Brenda and her crew break down the overwhelming task of completing a blog into small manageable tasks. As if that in itself isn’t worth the investment, the support and willingness to quickly answer questions I had was unprecedented. I swear it seems like these ladies never sleep. If you’re on the fence about blogging because of the technical aspects of it, take this course. You won’t regret it.”

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Rachel Batchler, LuLaRoe

“I jumped into blogging bootcamp because I had a feeling I should. I have never done anything like blogging before, but trusted my gut and did it. Brenda and team made it so easy and fun to create my very own blog. The experience itself was worth the investment, but on top of that I now have a blog that is earning me money through affiliate links and sales leads, just one month after making my blog public!”

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Nicole Saunders, LuLaRoe

“When I signed up for Blogging Boot Camp I actually thought I knew enough about building a website on WordPress because I had done it previously. What I didn’t know about BBC was that I would learn multiple correct ways to get a blog up and running, how to write content that my target market wants, and that I would gain friendships along the way. Brenda and her team have created a culture of women uplifting each other in a world that can be quite catty and unfriendly at times. The world needs more Brenda! I am so thankful I was able to win my bronze medal and compete with fellow BBCers to go live with my blog.”

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Emily J. Smith, The Munchness Mama

“Boot camp has been truly amazing. The best part of this course is that it teaches me everything I need to know to move forward making changes as I go without additional technical support. They aren’t just handing me a website and telling me to write posts. I was thoroughly instructed in the behind the scenes details I need to know to make a beautiful, functional site that is perfectly tailored to me and my brand.”

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Gabrielle Eck, Wanderelle Fashion

“For over a year, I’ve been a LuLaRoe retailer struggling to find my own voice, to brand myself outside of the world of sparkly unicorns and rainbows. I wanted to market myself in my own unique way but really never hit my stride until I took BBC. The combination of Brand Yo’Self (which I had taken 7 months prior but still never really “clicked” for me), Winning with Pinterest, and the full guidance and support of Blogging Boot Camp have turned my unstructured, foggy dreams into real, concrete plans that I’m already seeing results with. I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger (ME! I’m a BLOGGER!) who is also a LuLaRoe retailer, and both those titles serve the same purpose: furthering my own personal brand while educating women in a fun way, and connecting them with products that make them feel gorgeous. Was boot camp hard? For sure. There were a lot of moments where I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, or had jumped in with both feet before really knowing what I was even jumping in to. But I am SO glad – no, glad doesn’t even begin to cover it. I’m PROUD OF MYSELF for having done this. For doing something scary because I knew it would be good for my business and myself. I’m generating new customers and readers, new eyes on my product, new awareness to my business, and most importantly, new connections with my friends who live in the computer.”

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Laura Rolerat, Willing Beauty

“I’m so glad that I took the plunge and did blogging bootcamp this summer. The timing was perfect for me as I launched a new business AND I’m off of work for the summer. I viewed it as a graduate course, so I did my work diligently with the support of Brenda and Hope all along the way. I’m so happy I went with the premium and had Michelle do my logo. She is a rockstar! The support and guidance was exactly what I needed. The videos were well done and easy to follow. It was well worth the time and money spent!”

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Selena McCullough, LuLaRoe

“Me, a bloggger? No way?!? I never thought that would be something I’d WANT to do much less something I could ACTUALLY do. I’m not a writer, and not a technology wizard so I felt like I had no place in the blog-o-sphere. Over the last year or so in the Suite, though, I’ve learned why it is so beneficial to business to have a blog. But, still…I wasn’t sure it was something I really could do. Let me tell you, I’m so, happy I took the leap! The beauty of Blogging Bootcamp is that they don’t just set up a site and hand it to you. People like me need a lot more, so this is a perfect fit. Videos, a group for support, and weekly lives are all part of the deal. Support from the other boot campers and Brenda’s team are there at your finger tips and it is all self-paced. At the end of the session you walk away with not only a beautiful blog, but also the knowledge and confidence to write and maintain the blog. I’m so thankful!”

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Elizabeth Kramar, Agnes & Dora

“I’ve wanted to be a blogger for awhile now. I tried it before but it was so overwhelming and time consuming I stopped. I’ve been following Brenda for awhile and thought about if blogging boot camp was for me or not. Anyways she mentioned when her next one was. I saved up and jumped on the band wagon. After the first two lessons I knew I made the right decision. It’s super easy and fun. Plus we can go back and re watch the videos anytime. When the advance course comes out you better be it will be worth doing too! If you are on the fence about blogging let Brenda and the ladies help you! They are all amazing and you make a ton of new friends along the way!”

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Janine Ganska, doTERRA

“Blogging boot camp was exactly what I needed. I have wanted to blog for so long but felt overwhelmed with my options and all the nuances that go into building your own website. I also work a full time day job and needed this course to work with me. The self paced videos allow you to work at your speed whenever time allows! But I think maybe the best part is you get an active, responsive and caring team of wonderful gals that support you and your journey. So when the widget doesn’t do what Brenda showed you it does, you get quick support and answers. You aren’t just a number- they truly want you to get your blog done too! Plus! Added bonus you get to take this journey with other wonderful soon to be bloggers that cheer you on and push you through when you just want to give up. The best investment I’ve made in a long time. Thank you to Brenda and her amazing team.”

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Melendy Johnson, LuLaRoe

“Blogging Boot Camp gave me a sense of urgency, self discipline, and self direction that led to a beautiful blog I am proud of. I was able to find my unique voice, and create a space where perfection didn’t have a hold on me and being true to myself was most important. The tools I added to my toolbox will be readily available for further growing my reach and my ability to blog effectively. I am so glad I ‘did it scared’ and dove into Blogging Boot Camp when I did!”

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Heather Cherrington, doTERRA

“I have been around the suite since almost the beginning, did all the trainings (like I need a button that says “career trainee”, heard the words, “BLOGGING is at the TOP of the social media pyramid” enough that when I could finally make it happen I jumped all over the premium blogging boot camp. Now, having completed the AMAZING course, I have a beautiful website that is literally changing how I run my business, my funnels, and my STRATEGY!  I had the tools. Brenda gave them to me. I had the desire to grow…but I felt as though I was spinning my wheels. I just couldn’t make the puzzle pieces fit together. It is finally clicking. The way to use the tools to accomplish the strategy makes so much sense that I am embarrassed I didn’t “get it” before.  TAKE THIS COURSE. Not only that, TAKE IT FIRST!!! Don’t wait to take it last like I did. Take it first. Everything will works so much smoother and you will truly see your vision, your hard work, and your business come to life. Blogging boot camp is truly stepping up your game and the Sassy Suite staff gives you the best support to come out with an amazing fully functional blog.  You have all the steps, pieces, and knowledge you need to make it successful. Truly, the only limits you will have are the ones you place upon yourself.”

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Lynn Hardin, LuLaRoe

“As an educator I  have a love for the written word. My fascination with blogs has gone on for many years and personally with many failed attempts to launch one. This was until I discovered and participated in Brenda’s Ster’s online course “Blogging  Boot Camp.” This course is easy to follow, has excellent support and most importantly blogs go live in a short amount of time.”

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Jess Moseman, LuLaRoe

“Blogging boot camp totally changed the way I look at my business. If you are selling yourself or your products on social media you need to be blogging.”

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Michelle McMullen, Mommy Later

“Blogging Boot Camp has been an amazing investment! I had zero experience with anything blog-related going into this course. The best way to describe how BBC is set-up is this quote, “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.” I came out of BBC with a tool kit to manage my own site and that is priceless! Not only did I have the course, but a group of cheerleaders and peers to support me as I learned. I love that I have lifetime access to the videos and can use them as a resource going forward. I’ve come out with a blog that I can be proud of and I can never thank Brenda and team enough for all of the hours that they put in, and maybe even a gentle nudge or two when I needed it. If you are on the fence at all, DO IT!”

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Holly Peck, LuLaRoe

“Blogging boot camp gave me the “kick in the pants” that I needed to more forward with my blog for my small business. Brenda and her team extracted my branding from my explanation of who I was and what my business goals were, and have given me the tools that I need to succeed as a blogger. The boot camp was well worth the cost: having the Sassy Suite support team as well as fellow boot campers to cheer you on? Priceless. I highly recommend this boot camp to you if you are thinking about taking the next step with blogging. It’s worth it.”

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Crystal Chapman, LuLaRoe

“I was lucky enough to stumble upon Brenda and the Socialite Suite back in March 2016 while still in the queue. I was trying to soak EVERYTHING possible in because I am NOT a social media person. I didn’t even have an Instagram account at the time!

I saw the value the Socialite Suite would bring to me if I was willing to put in the work and invest in myself. This is all a process and you need to invest in yourself if you want to be successful. I was around when the first Blogging Bootcamp came up and knew it was something I needed to be involved in. But not yet, I wasn’t ready and I needed to set my goals first. I felt like I needed to get certain things into place…Like, what the hell am I even doing? Develop a system for my business, actually learn how to use Facebook and Instagram (oh boy, Instagram is still waaaaaay down there for me), and how to BE CONSISTENT in my social media presence.

There are all these things you need to learn when jumping into something like this. Who is my idea customer, why will anyone want to shop with me, what the hell is attraction marketing and object association…and WHY do I even need to spend my time on that?! Let me tell you, you need to know all of these things.

In retrospect, I wish I had jumped into blogging when I first knew it was something I needed, but I’m okay knowing it came when it was something I could handle. I could have handled it sooner but that whole self-doubt thing is pretty brutal in my life. So many lightbulbs have gone off since taking this course and I’m so glad I did it scared. You guys, I wanted to puke most of the time, but so far I have survived. I even have a button to prove it!

This isn’t a race though. Look at what YOU want out of your business, who your ideal customer is, and what you want to learn about – and start there! I know how to use Instagram but the truth is, I’m simply not ready for it yet, and that’s okay! It’s an elephant, tackle that beast one bite at a time. Do it scared and believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, find someone that does and borrow that belief until you’ve harnessed it for yourself.

I’ve taken every single course Brenda has to offer and it has been the best money I’ve spent. My business is growing and thriving because of what I’ve learned, and I’m also learning daily how to be a better leader. But it only works because I took the courses, implemented the material, and then went back through the courses again…and again! You have to do more than buy the course with the intentions of follow-through, you HAVE to follow-through.

Invest in yourself, you’re worth it.”