Barb Brimhall, Stampin’ Up, The BZB Stamper

Barb Brimhall Stampin' Up

About The BZB Stamper:

“The BZBStamper is all about helping busy women get in touch with their creative self so that they can relax and make something that means something. If you’re a direct seller, learn how to create quick, easy and personalized greeting cards & packaging that will set you apart from others in your industry. And best of all? We can personalize them so that they fit your own personal branding! *Ü*”

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

“Ya gotta go where your customers are, right? And having a social presence on-line has become just as important as being present in your local community. Having a blog helps me share my passion for papercrafting and memorykeeping with those that I wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise. Blogging is a lot like papercrafting – it’s a way to share a tiny creative part of yourself. Whether I’m blogging about my favorite new way to use Washi Tape or outlining ways to get organized in your direct sales business, it all boils down to the same thing – sharing my passion with others. And who wouldn’t enjoy that?”

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

“I am living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks – as long as you have the right trainer. When I first found SassySuite, I was running my business the same way I had for the last 20 years — and I was stagnating. Once I found Brenda & her Sassy Suite staff, I learned new ways to sponsor, better ways to mentor my team members, smarter ways to use social media effectively (without being spammy) and so much more. If you’re a direct seller who wants to be encouraged and gently pushed to reach those dreams you’ve never spoken aloud to another soul, Brenda & the Sassy Suite will help you get there.”

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