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Betsy Dirks Doterra

About Betsy Dirks – Essential Oils with Betsy:

Essential Oils With Betsy brings together so many things that I love. Essential oils, home cooking, and the upbeat attitude that comes from consistently working on achieving a healthy mindset.

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

Since FDA compliance regulations became so strict, I saw a lot of essential oil representatives dealing with frustration over the online requirements. I wanted to create a space that is both compliant for the representatives to refer others to, as well as available for my own customers to be able to look things up quickly and easily. I am really excited about the direction this will take as my blog continues to grow into a full on essential oil resource site.

As I talked with Brenda in private and group coaching sessions, I had a lightbulb moment that instead of wishing for a site like this, I could go out and create one! Thanks to Brenda giving me direction and helping me believe in myself, I actually did just that!

Writing has been my love and passion since I was a child! My best friend in elementary school wanted to be an author, hanging out with her influenced me. When the other kids were playing on the swings, we were sitting out by the running track writing stories for our story club!

Through the years, I continued to use writing as a tool to work through issues, a creative outlet, and stress relief. Transitioning to blogging about essential oils, mindset tips, recipes, and natural health information simply feels like coming home!

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

Even though writing comes naturally to me, I needed help figuring out the other pieces that go into blogging. After completing blogging boot camp, SEO no longer feels like a foreign language, I have my posts organized into clear categories, and understand how to effectively promote my blog across social media. I’m so happy with everything I’ve learned, and highly recommend!

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