Jen Prentice, Origami Owl, Charmingly Imperfect

Jen Prentice Origami Owl

About Jen Prentice – Charmingly Imperfect:

Charmingly Imperfect was created as a way for me to be able to put all of my content on one platform. I want my blog to be a resource for those looking to join O2, as well as to showcase my personality!

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

I chose to start blogging after a vision call with Brenda. We discussed what I wanted out of my business and ways that I could get there. When we started to discuss the time and resources needed for each platform, that’s when blogging came out as the clear winner of “where do I need to focus”! I enjoy blogging because it is a place for me to have 100% original content that I can share across various social media channels. I have found since starting to blog, that I have alot to say! And this forum is the perfect way for me to express myself!

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

Brenda and the Sassy Suite team have been invaluable to me during this whole process. I will admit when I first joined The Socialite Suite I was skeptical, I didn’t think I needed a business coach. I have now taken several of her courses, including Graphics and Instagram Boot Camp, Epic Facebook Parties, Blogging Boot Camp, Personal Branding, AND a private vision call. Brenda has a special gift for figuring what you need and helping you implement them. Besides all of the paid training, she offers tremendous free value, in the form of her Facebook group, Periscope and her blog. Brenda has also built a great community of fellow direct sellers that is truly unique! I have made some of the best of friends through the Suite! I recommend it to all of my teammates and any other direct selling friends that I meet! Thank you for all that you do, Brenda!


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