Jennifer Menting, Pampered Chef, Cooking Is My Love Language

Jennifer Menting Pampered Chef

About Jennifer Menting – Cooking Is My Love Language:

“I hope my website is a place to learn. Learn how to cook or learn how to be a better cook. Learn how to enjoy cooking or find a love for cooking that may have been forgotten. I want to share the love I have for creating a nurturing meal or delicious treat and hopefully that’s what people will find.”

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

“I have a passion for helping those who don’t like to cook or those who need to learn how. Let’s face it, those pictures of beautiful food on Pinterest can be intimidating. I want to share things that help people put a dinner on the table they can be proud of AND have their family love it too. Everyone is so busy these days. I want to be the place where people can find the answer to the question we all have to answer every day: What IS for Dinner. I love sharing the stories of my cooking life from childhood to today. I am blessed to have a rich history of cooking handed down and taught to me by my grandmothers and my mother and not everyone has that. Today’s families need more time together whether it’s spending time cooking together or just around the dinner table. If I can inspire others to do that, then I’m thrilled.”

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

“I felt for a long time that blogging was something that I wanted to be doing. I had listened to many other business owners talk about their blogs and i thought long and hard about how that would fit with my business. The training and knowledge I received from the Sassy Suite and Brenda Ster (before joining the Blogging Boot Camp) were so much better and more applicable than other trainings or communities I had experienced. I knew that the Blogging Boot Camp would be exactly what I had been looking for. Brenda and her staff broke down the steps and took care of the mechanics of constructing a website and blog that I could maintain on my own. What seemed like a scary, foreign world of WordPress soon became a familiar place where I could work and write and share. I could have become a blogger many other ways, but it wouldn’t have been as simple, as easy or as fun without Blogging Boot Camp. I know this has changed my business and my life.”

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