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Judith Johnson Doterra

About Oil Pixie, Essential Oils:

“Oil Pixie is your one stop essential oil shop. Here is where you can learn how to take care of yourself and your family the natural, chemical free way. If you want to know more about essential oils or find out how you can use them and what you can use them for, we have an educational library full with the information you are looking for. You can also find roller blends in DIY recipes along with information about how to make a career out of your passion for natural health.”

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

“Because I do everything Brenda tells me to do 🙂 It came down to choosing a template for my new website. I like the idea of blogging. Besides that fact that blogging is on top of the social media pyramid, the idea that my page would be constantly changing so people don’t see the same thing over and over was extremely appealing to me. I have always liked to write, so it was a perfect combination. Blogging is an outlet for me, as I get to write about the things I am passionate about. It allows me to let others see the world through my eyes. I can express my thoughts and ideas about things that are important to me and share them with the world. It definitely stirs up creativity in me and I love that!”

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

“I found the Sassy Suite when I began to understand that I would not get the help I needed from my upline. I had a vision of how I wanted to grow my business, and it was not in line with how my upline wanted me to do it. I started looking for online education and went through quite a bit that I wasted a lot of money on, when I bumped into the Socialite Suite on Facebook. I joined, and rather then it being the next money sucking social media training, I actually felt like I walked into a family reunion. I started some of the training and followed Brenda on Periscope. I immediately knew this was different. If you follow all the channels they offer the amount of free value you get every single day is absolutely priceless. Everything I have learned through the Socialite Suite clicks and resonates with me. Relationship based building makes so much sense and as soon as I started implementing the training it immediately started paying off. Eventually I decided to invest in a private website and private coaching on how to set it up, and it was worth every minute and every penny. I deleted most of my other social media training groups and pages. I am sticking with the Socialite Suite because it is a wonderful group of people, that genuinely care about your success, and it is the only social media training that I have found that actually works and pays off in a big way. As Brenda says ‘resistance is futile,’ believe her, it’s true :)”

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