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Kaitlyn Sosebee

About Kaitlyn Sosebee, The Prickly Pilot’s Wife:

The Prickly Pilot’s Wife blog is a great resource for natural lifestyle and essential oil tips, military life tips, and travel tips! It’s your one-stop shop for your crunchy, natural, wanderlust life.

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

I found myself constantly sharing other people’s posts. Why would I do that? I have the knowledge, I have the ability – I might as well make a blog to support my business and my team. It’s legitimized my business and it’s taken my team to a whole new level. Blogging is a wonderful way to share ideas! It’s a creative outlet that not only makes me happy but it supports my business and helps other people too! I love everything from testing out recipes, taking pretty pictures, to getting that green light on SEO, and nerding out about the blog view numbers.

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

Brenda is amazing. Everything she does is full of love and laughter and a lot of hard work. She made learning WordPress easy and fun. I’d recommend it to anyone needing help getting started!

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