Lisa Flores, Empower Natural

Lisa Flores Doterra

About Empower Natural:

“Empower Natural is all about empowering families with natural solutions through the use of essential oils.”

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

“I knew if I wanted to reach other individuals outside of my warm market I needed to start blogging. Blogging gives me the opportunity to reach thousands of other people that are specifically looking for the information I am blogging about.”

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

“I never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be a blogger. I have friends that blog for the fun of it and I enjoy reading other blogs about so many things. However, it was not until I found Sassy Suite that I learned how important blogging is to my business. Especially as a full time working mom that does not have time to host in-home parties all the time. Sassy Suite not only helped me to build my site, but Sassy Suite also taught me how to maintain it on my own. I am very much a ‘Why & How’ person. I need to know the ins and out of how something works. The Sassy Suite Blogging Bootcamp taught me just that. It is packed full of step-by-step training videos that can be referenced at any time. Not to mention, the engagement and interaction you get with like minded individuals that are all there for the same reason–to build a site and learn about blogging. The one thing I loved the most about Sassy Suite’s Blogging Bootcamp course, it did not matter if you knew nothing about blogging or you were a regular blogger. Everyone was supportive, friendly and extremely helpful.”

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