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About Marcy Martin, Greater Des Moines Living:

Greater Des Moines Living is the place to celebrate Greater Des Moines and also sprinkled with real estate knowledge to help you buy, sell, or invest in Greater Des Moines. Whether you’re a resident, visitor, or soon to be new resident, you will find best kept secrets for the Greater area.

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

A Licensed Realtor is so much more than a door opener–we are there to navigate you through every step of the home buying process. What better way than to have it available via blog posts that you can scour at 1 in the morning when you just finished a run of HGTV and thoughts of moving come into your head? Blogging gets your voice out to a much larger community than you could possibly serve one on one. It helps create that relationship, where the reader feels they know you, your life, and your personality…all before you’ve had a chance to meet.

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

Brenda and her team will listen to you go through the stages of first time blogging–shock or disbelief, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and acceptance/hope. Their guidance along the way offered a listening ear as well as timely and pertinent suggestions as well as the kick in your pants you need to move on to the next phase.

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