Melissa Lindenfeld, LuLaRoe Consultant

Melissa Lindenfeld LuLaRoe


“I am designing my site to be for my customers, team, and prospects to find all the information they need about LuLaRoe – all in one place.”

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

“I want to be visible in all areas of social media. And – I have a lot to say! It’s a great outlet for me. I can help people this way – and I could be number one!!”

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

“Brenda has provided me with training and helped me reach a level of personal success in my business I never thought possible. She believes in me and cheers me on. The amount value I received in the Socialite Suite in the first few weeks led me to begin personal branding, then to Epic Facebook Parties, then to Pinterest Bootcamp, then IG bootcamp, then Blogging Bootcamp – and now I am a private client. Every time I attend a training, the success I achieve is 10X what I anticipated. Brenda is my go-to for all things social media. And through all of this, we have become friends. I really look up to Brenda and her team. She – like me – has a vision. Then makes it happen. She speaks my language. I have never been so successful with another market trainer because no one else was teaching attraction marketing. Once I walked into the Suite, I never looked anywhere else.”

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