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Randy and Kelly Gunn Scentsy

About Randy and Kelly Gunn, Scentsy by Smarter Scents:

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

We have always had a free blog through WordPress, but the free account is very limited in terms of the options that you can choose. We wanted to start a self hosted blog to be able to have more control over the look and feel of our blog, as well as the functionality of our blog. We chose to start blogging so that we could tell more people about our Scentsy business and so that we can share our knowledge of Direct Sales with the world. We are hoping that through blogging we will be able to capture a larger audience across the globe. We really enjoy the technical aspect that comes with blogging. We find it quite fascinating building a blog post from the bottom up and then seeing it come to life when you hit the publish button. Sharing our knowledge and love for Scentsy is another reason we love blogging. Blogging also give us the opportunity to share our thoughts and views on certain topics and it also allows for new connections to be made through commenting on other people’s blogs and receiving comments on your blog posts.

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

When we came across Sassy Suite’s training, we were skeptical because we have tried many other trainings that say they offer the moon, but they did not deliver. After seeing other people comment about how beneficial Brenda’s trainings have been in their business, we decided to take the plunge and purchased our first course from SassySuite. We were blown away! Brenda is thorough in her trainings, and everything is explained step by step. You get results when you implement the techniques provided in SassySuite’s trainings! We have purchased several courses from Sassy Suite over the past few months and each and every training is valuable! We just finished Blogging Boot Camp, and we highly recommend this course if you are wanting to get started with your own blog. Not only are you shown how to set up every aspect of your blog, but you are shown how to maintain your blog and how to continuously create fresh content.

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Randy and Kelly Gunn, Scentsy by Smarter Scents
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