Sandy Bartlett, Juice Plus+ consultant

Sandy Bartlett Juice Plus

About Healthy Habits w/Sandy Bartlett – Live, Love, Laugh Daily:

“Sandy Bartlett, Healthy Habits is more than diet and exercise…it covers all areas of life including lifestyle, attitude, nutrition and life in general. The focus is on health – physical, mental, and spiritual.”

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

“Blogging allows me to share my thoughts and experiences and show that health is more than starving yourself and being skinny as many think and the media often portrays. I’m a curvy girl who loves to eat and hates to exercise. I struggle in the same areas as others and want to be able to share that it can be done and support others along the way. Blogging provides the opportunity to reach people on their level on their time schedule and shows the real me. I’m able to organize my thoughts and provide info that sometimes doesn’t come out in conversation or sometimes not in the same details. My topics can be anything so it doesn’t pin me down to one area. My certification as a Health Coach as well as my business with Juice Plus+ provides me with resources that help to support my blogging as well.”

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

“In a word: AMAZING! I had tried to set up a site on my own some time ago and had no clue what I was doing. The training videos and set up were so easy to follow. It made it much more user friendly. Sassy Suite staff is super responsive and helpful! Every training I’ve done with Sassy Suite has been of the highest quality and on point for the topic. I’ve been in Direct Sales consistently for over two years and off and on through the years prior to that and have learned more in 8 months in the Suite than in my entire career in Direct Sales.”


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