Savanna Robinson, Jamberry

We were thrilled to work with Savanna Robinson of Hobartville, NSW, Australia, who is with Jamberry, a direct sales company. As a Blogging Boot Camp with Design Services member, she wanted a logo and blog design to encompass her love of owls, the color blue, and sparkles. Her blog combines lifestyle topics, such as family, living with MS, and Jamberry nails.  Her overall look is clean, inviting, positive, and empowering. We were pleased with the result!  We are so excited for Savanna’s new blog!  You can take a peek HERE!   Take a look and grab a cuppa.

Savanna also had this to say about Blogging Bootcamp and Sassy Suite:

“While I’ve been on maternity leave with my little one I’ve been looking for a job that I can do that is more friendly to someone with Multiple Sclerosis. Learning about blogging through Brenda’s courses is helping me be a work-at-home mum just a wee bit longer, extending the reach of my Jamberry business and discovering that I truly do love writing and sharing it with the world. You will never regret a single course done through Brenda!!”

If you are interested in learning more about Sassy Suite Design Services, come check us out HERE.  We’d love to work with you on a custom logo, a branding concept or design board for your social presence, or even a fully developed website or blog for your business.  Or, come on over and join us in The Socialite Suite.  A spam-free Facebook community for direct sellers and entrepreneurs interested in learning more about social media marketing. Tens of thousands of community members can’t be wrong!

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