Sue Kaup, Neal’s Yard Remedies

Sue Kaup

About Sue, Blue Bottle Passion:

Blue Bottle Passion is all about health and wellness, and how Neal’s Yard Remedies beauty and wellness products will help you achieve that.

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

I’m passionate about helping my clients avoid toxins in their personal care products as well as their diet and environment. Blogging has provided me with an in-depth forum to reach my clients and provide them with the information they need to choose the safest products for themselves and their families.

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

I can’t think of a better investment than Blogging Boot Camp. I hesitated because coming up with the fee right after Christmas was a challenge. I enjoyed being a part of a group learning about blogging, and passionate about their topic. Last week a friend said “You’re an awesome blogger, Sue,” and it just made my day. It’s all thanks to the amazing team that held my hand through Blogging Boot Camp 4, until I was ready to run on my own.

Helpful Hint:

Amazing team that held my hand through Blogging Bootcamp 4 until I was ready to run on my own.

Connect with Sue on social media:

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