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Windy's Charmed Life

About Windy’s Charmed Life:

“Windy’s Charmed Life was designed to give advice on how to care for jewelry, share new products and designs and give tips that will hopefully help others rock their own direct sales business.”

Why I Started Blogging and What I Love about It:

“I wanted to create my own little space where I could provide more information on the things that matter to me. I genuinely believe that everyone has the right and ability to feel beautiful, that laughter is the best medicine and we are all here for a reason. Blogging allows me to reach a potentially global audience and create my own community. It also gives me a voice to share my message and help others. Blogging allows me to provide so much more information to my community than social media. I can go in-depth with new product announcements and other tidbits I want to share. It also provides a way for me to differentiate myself from other designers in my company. And finally, it expands my reach and allows potential customers a way to find me.”

Why I Recommend Sassy Suite:

“My blog is an extension of my personality and I never would have been able to create it without Sassy Suite’s assistance. Brenda and her team were amazing! The team’s technical skills and Brenda’s training made the process much easier than it should be. The Blogging Bootcamp is designed so that non-bloggers are given small, manageable tasks to complete, each one building upon the last, to ensure the process is not overwhelming. They make it seem easy and I cannot imagine what it would be like trying to develop a blog and content strategy without them.”

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